Bizarr Lady Jessica chains her slave Joschi on the bed in the chamber and then sits with her ass on his face. Her black lacquer string rubs against Joschi’s nose and her plump ass literally crushes him. Joschi is already out of breath when she dismounts from him for the first time. But Jessica just takes off her thong and lets him clean the tracks in her panties with her tongue. Then she ties his panties between his nose and mouth around his head so that he has the smell and taste of her pussy and asshole in front of him all the time. And then she sits on his face with her bare ass. Joschi suffocates under the weight of her ass. In fear of death, he pulls himself away from the bed. But the facesitting queen just tells him to go back down, ties his hands again and sits relentlessly on his face. She rides on his nose, whets his face. Joschi tears himself away again in suffocation panic. But again Lady Jessica knows no mercy. He has to put his head down and she presses her ass against his face with all her strength. She still holds Joschi’s arms, pushes them down because they want to get loose again.

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